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Layne Bradley
Mal Bass

Our Story

In 2001 when Mal was starting the Executive Forum Group he was referred to Layne by a mutual acquaintance as someone who could be a trusted resource. When they first met, Layne was the Director of the MBA Program at Dallas Baptist University. The relationship clicked right away, and they have remained friends and business associates since that time.

The Executive Forum Group was comprised of company presidents in the North Texas Area who met monthly to serve as each other’s advisors in facilitated confidential issues discussions. Another service was the presentation after lunch by someone with expertise that was valuable to leaders, and Layne was among the first and most sought after speakers.

After about 5 years, the Executive Forum Group had grown by the addition of several chapters beyond Texas. 

Layne at that time had re-entered the private sector and was an executive with Computer Sciences Corp. Layne again helped Mal by supporting the integration of foreign executives and business owners in US universities into the existing chapters of US executives and business owners that resulted in Global Executive Foreign Group chapters in cooperation with several universities.

Mal suddenly had friends from all over the world and began travelling to China frequently where he helped support the start-up of a solar products company there. Layne in that same period had returned to the academic world to join the Business School faculty at TCU where he was asked to design and teach their first cyber security course.

In a breakfast meeting Layne was explaining how the concern about cyber security was growing bigger every day as evidenced by his request to be an expert witness by a local attorney, multiple consulting requests from companies near and far as well as suggesting students for job candidates This discussion resulted in the creation of the CyberSecurity Executive Forum for top company leaders.